Thompson & his tank!!! in ASPENDALE, Victoria for sale

Thompson & his tank!!!
Thompson & his tank!!!
Thompson & his tank!!!
Thompson & his tank!!!

I will be going oversea's and want to find the perfect home for Thompson. Not sure when i'll return and i dont want to leave this little guy alone.
I'm offering everything seen for $450
- The tank & wooden frame
- Filter for the tank
- Heater that stays in the water
- Heat light (top right side of the tank)
- UV light (top left side of the tank)
- Pebbles
- All the chemicals/ turtle stuff that goes into his tank (turtle conditioner etc.)
- AND most importantly THOMPSON!
Thompson is a 1 year old murray river turtle which i bought from the pet shop, (In which you do not need a reptile licence for)
Thompson loves swimming (fresh water) and also enjoys a walk outside in the beautiful sunshine!
As you can see in his photos, he is a very happy turtle and is constantly smiling so i would like to fine him a home that will keep him smiling for his whole life.
Thompson is very low maintenance and has a great personality when you get to know him but if you have never owned a turtle before i'm happy to explain everything! :)